We provide safe solvent alternatives that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous waste.

Our mission is to provide our clients with safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful industrial solvents

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Our Products

Inland Technology's products provide safe alternatives that are bio-derived and come from renewable resources.

Our Equipment

Inland Technology's equipment are designed to cut costs, reduce waste and save time.

Research & Development

Inland Technology engages in cooperative research projects to help develop products and equipment solve difficult waste issues.

Designed to save time, lower costs & reduce global production of hazardous waste

Case Studies

Inland’s research scientists created EP-921®, a cleaning solution that is non-hazardous, low VOC, and non-HAP as a substitute for MEK, Toluene, and Lacquer Thinner.

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The original Breakthrough® & Edge Tek™ partswashing system has grown into an entire family of standard and specially designed partswashing systems. The original self-recycling IT-30™ and IT-80™ that have demonstrably reduced the recurring costs, hazardous waste generation and the carbon emission footprint associated with the old style partswasher rental service.

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Inland’s research scientists created a non-hazardous, non-VOC cleaning solution called Millennium® which passed the stringent corrosion tests and hydrogen embrittlement tests and eliminated the need for masking landing gear during exterior cleaning.

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Inland’s research scientists created precision cleaning solvent Teksol®EP which replaced 1,1,1 Trichloroethane and other class I ozone depletes used for cleaning activities on the Navy’s aircraft. Teksol®EP also acts as an alternative to brake cleaner and electrical cleaning solvents.

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“The new solvent is friendlier to the environment and we don’t have to worry about hazardous fumes"

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"Inland Technology's Edge Tek™ System and use of your Breakthrough® cleaning solution have resulted in a very significant cost savings for our company."

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"Pollution prevention possibilities for small and medium-sized industries."

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"American Airlines has been able to provide a safer work environment for employees and reduce their generation of hazardous waste. "

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Sustainability is our guiding principle

As a leader in environmentally conscious substitutes, our goal is to generate environmental opportunities for clients in order to reduce the impact of the solvent industry on the planet. 

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Painting Operations

Boeing, Flowserve, NAVAIR

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