CONUS & OCONUS Ordering:

Listed below are instructions for both CONUS and OCONUS ordering. OCONUS orders are required to provide additional shipping address and transportation accounting information. Overseas customers using a DoDAAC will be required to provide only transportation accounting information.   

Customers within CONUS can obtain information from either the GSA Advantage help desk or from Inland Technology at 800-552-3100 and ask for the Military Coordinator.

To order through GSA Advantage you must first set up a user account. The information for setting up an account can be found at . After setting up an account, you can proceed again to and follow the instructions below.

Inland Technology's GSA contract number is GS07F0156N and should be typed in the box Enter Key Word Part #, Manufacturer, Contractor, Contract # located on the right-hand side of the screen under “What Are You Looking For?” This will bring up a listing of all Inland Technology, Inc. products available through GSA Advantage.

OCONUS orders are processed through your CP or freight forwarder and GSA Advantage will automatically assign a unique Transportation Control Number (TCN) to each purchase order. Please call GSA Advantage help desk at 877-472-3777, option 2 if you have any questions or problems placing an order on-line. Our telephone number is 800-552-3100 and our email address is

GSA Advantage Overseas Ordering Instructions:

In order to ensure that your orders are processed successfully; overseas customers using a credit card for purchase are required to provide additional shipping address and transportation accounting information. GSA Advantage will prompt you when this information is required.

OCONUS customers:

For GSA Advantage purposes, an "overseas" customer is any customer using an OCONUS ship-to address (i.e. other than 48 contiguous states). Overseas customers also include military or authorized GSA Advantage customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Territories.

Additional shipping information needed (credit card customers only):

Overseas orders fall within two categories - those that can be mailed through your APO/FPO mailbox, and those that cannot be mailed (i.e. must be sent as freight shipment). Since GSA Advantage transmits many orders to MAS contractors for direct shipment, it is not known at the time the order is placed whether the contractor will mail the order through the APO/FPO or will send it to a US Consolidation Point (CP). Some contractors who use UPS, FEDEX, etc. will not ship to APO/FPO addresses regardless of the package size, and will instead ship to consolidation points. GSA Advantage  must therefore require the following addresses to cover all possibilities: 

Your APO/FPO address:
  • Most overseas activities use an APO (Army/Air Force Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) mailing address. Packages sent through an APO/FPO must not exceed certain weight and size limitations (usually 70 pounds and box girth must not exceed 130"). Orders not exceeding this limitation may be mailed via USPS to the APO/FPO. Orders exceeding this limitation cannot be sent to an APO or FPO and must instead be sent as freight, usually through a US consolidation point or freight forwarder.
Your US Consolidation Point (or freight forwarder):
  • GSA Advantage requires all overseas customers to be assigned a consolidation point or freight forwarder. During the checkout process GSA Advantage will provide you with a default CP address that you may simply accept. This is required once. If you have an arrangement with another CP or freight forwarder, you may change this address. In addition to providing the CP address, you must also provide the freight receiving address at your duty station that can be used by the CP if necessary.
Your freight receiving address at your duty station:
  • GSA Advantage will prompt you for this address if you have not already provided it. The CP may need this address to arrange overseas shipment. Please do not enter your APO/FPO address here.

AAC or DoD AAC required from all overseas credit card users:

All OCONUS credit card users (civilian and DoD) must provide an associated AAC or DoDAAC. This AAC or DoDAAC is provided to MAS contractors, consolidation points, freight forwarders, or GSA export operations in order to better identify the overseas customer and complete delivery. AAC or DoDAAC provided must contain an overseas address.

Additional transportation accounting information required (all OCONUS customers):

Orders that cannot be mailed and are processed through your CP or freight forwarder will incur an additional transportation cost for over-ocean or port handling. The CP must be able to charge this additional cost to a transportation account. For military activities, this cost is usually paid for using a 4-position alpha/numeric Transportation Account Code (TAC). GSA Advantage will provide you with a default TAC that you may accept or change. This is required once. Air Force has requested that all AF customers who use a credit card for purchase first obtain a unit assigned TAC from Wright Patterson AFB. Please go to for more information.

State Department and other civilian activities must provide a fund citation to cover these charges. (Note: civilian agencies do not provide a TAC, as this is a military designation.)

Transportation Control Number:

Please note that GSA Advantage automatically assigns a unique Transportation Control Number (TCN) to each purchase order. Your CP will need this control number should they receive your order for overseas shipment. You may accept the TCN provided or change the default if necessary.

Please provide accurate phone and e-mail:

It is important that you provide an accurate international commercial phone number (include country code) and e-mail address. Should there be problems with delivering your order, GSA or the contractor may need to contact you. To verify your information is correct, log in to GSA Advantage and click on Profile. We continue to refine these overseas procedures in order to simplify the process and better ensure shipments and payments are completed successfully. We appreciate your patience as we strive to improve our service to you.

Problems with OCONUS freight orders:

If your order was sent via a consolidation point and has not been received or is damaged, please send an e-mail describing the problem to: