Developing solutions for our clients

Inland Technology engages in cooperative research projects to help develop products and equipment that help our customers solve difficult issues involving hazardous waste, hazardous air pollutants, and VOCs. 

Our Process

Inland Technology begins the research in cooperation with the client at no cost to the client, the client validates the effectiveness of the substitute solvent that is developed. Inland then manufactures this new product and provides it to the original customer as well as to other potential clients faced with the same solvent application problems.

Often these R+D projects require the design of special equipment necessary to effectively reduce the quantity of material used, the quantity of waste created and to reduce overall cost of operation using the new environmentally compliant solvent as compared to the old method of solvent usage.

To date, the scientists and engineers at Inland Technology Incorporated have developed successful substitutes for the following problem solvents:

Toxic Solvent



Methylene ChloridePaint stripping; cold tank soak; resin removalCitrex™, X-caliber™
Lacquer ThinnerClean-up of painting equipmentEP-921®, EP-1088™
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)Surface preparation for painting or weldingSafety Prep™, Citra-Safe®, Teksol® EP
Toluene / XyleneSurface preparation for painting or weldingSafety Prep™, Citra-Safe®, Teksol® EP
AcetoneCleaning of fiberglass & epoxy resinsZ-Strip™, Citrex™
Stoddard Solvent / Mineral SpiritsPartswashingCitra-Safe®, Teksol® EP, Millennium®, Breakthrough®
TrichloroethyleneDe-greasing & resin removalCitrex™, Teksol® EP, Citra-Safe®
PerchloroethyleneDe-greasingTeksol® EP, Citra-Safe®
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)Paint Gun Clean-upEP-921®, EP-1088™
Methyl Propyl Ketone (MPK)Paint Equipment Cleaning & Surface PrepEP-921®, EP-1088™, Citra-Safe®
N Propyl BromideVapor De-greasing; Precision Cleaning, Resin RemovalCitra-Safe®, Teksol® EP, Av-Ops