Teksol® EP

Replaces N-propyl Bromide and other halogenated solvents

Designed for precision cleaning in a variety of industrial applications where a residue-free surface is required

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Benefits & Uses

TEKSOL® EP can be a successful substitute for n-Propyl Bromide, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, and other halogenated solvents.

TEKSOL® EP’s responsible formulation represents a major improvement in employee safety, as well as environmental impact.  TEKSOL® EP’s “no-residue” formulation and powerful cleaning action make it the safer alternative for:

  • Cleaning brakes and other automotive applications
  • Cleaning motors, switches, relays, generators, and other electrical applications
  • Circuit boards and other electronic components
  • Many other precision-cleaning applications

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TEI 343-2273-93—Wipe solvent substitution for Freon 113 and 1,1,1 Trichloroethane


TB 43-0135Recommended substitute for ozone depleting substances used on communications-electronics equipment


Approved as a substitute for MIL-C-81964AAvionic Cleaner

Physical/Chemical Characteristics:

Flash Point: 104ºF

Vapor Density: >4.5

Vapor Pressure (mmHg @ 20ºC): 2

Initial Boiling Point: 303ºF 

Evaporation Rate (n-Butyl Acetate = 1): <.4
Volatility: 100%

6850-01-378-0581—6 x 1 gallon cans per case

6850-01-378-0583—5 gallon can

6850-01-378-0700—30 gallon drum

6850-01-378-0650—55 gallon drum