Replacement for MEK and Lacquer Thinner

Designed for resin and paint application equipment clean-up. Contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS). 

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Benefits & Uses

EP-921® is a unique cleaning compound designed as a substitute for MEK, MEK/Toluene blends, and lacquer washes and is excellent for resin and paint application equipment clean up.

EP-921® is a lightly regulated, low VOC, low toxicity, non-HAP containing, high flash point formulation that is ideal for functioning within the modern regulatory climate.  In fact, the emission limitation inherent in its formation may qualify it as a Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT).  Its use without vapor collection will compete favorable with the use of MEK and a 99.7% efficient vapor collection system.  Users should check with local air pollution control jurisdictions for a determination.

The formulation of EP-921® is outside the RCRA hazardous waste regulations.  None of its components are listed in SARA, Title III, Sections 302 or 313.  None of its components are listed under CERCLA.

EP-921® is the only compound utilized for paint operations cleanup that enjoys a toxicity clearance from the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine (CHPPM), 1 December, 1998.

  • Clean-up of painting equipment

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Naval Air Systems Command Technical Manual 01-1A-509-1—Environmentally Compliant Solvent for paint equipment cleaning

BAC-7091—Conforms- Aircraft Washing


RRC-M&P-0005, Solution 017—Ultra-sonic cleaning and hand wiping


0-75173—Process specification for spot and seam resistance welding

5-73509—Process specification for cleaning corrosion resistant steels and nickel based alloys prior to spot and seam resistance welding or manual and machine fusion welding


BAC 5750—General solvent cleaning on Boeing Aircraft

Physical/Chemical Characteristics:

Boiling Point: >340ºF

Vapor Pressure (mmHg @ 25ºC): <1

Vapor Density (air = 1): >4

Specific Gravity (H2O = 1): .98


NSN: 6850-01-381-3300—5 gallon can
NSN: 6850-01-381-4408—55 gallon drum