Boeing, Flowserve, NAVAIR

Case Study Type: Painting Operations

Target Solvent: MEK, Toluene, and Lacquer Thinner


Painting operations typically generated a very large quantity of waste from the cleaning of paint equipment (paint guns, paint lines, paint pots, etc.). In addition, due to the high toxicity of the typically used products, worker health and safety was a major concern.

From an environmental rule and regulation perspective, the number of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) that were being emitted into the air were creating problems with Air Quality Permits that were frequently required. All of these issues were creating increasing financial burdens for the clients mentioned above. 


Inland’s research scientists created EP-921®, a cleaning solution that is non-hazardous, low VOC, and non-HAP as a substitute for the preciously used solvents. EP-921® is typically used with one of Inland Technology’s reclamation systems like the IT-200™ and IT-3900™ that use a sophisticated multi-stage micro-filtration that greatly extends the service life of the fluid many times over. The filtration, along with the innate properties of EP-921® dramatically reduced the hazardous waste generated from paint cleanup activities and seriously reduce the operating cost of paint cleanup activities when compared to traditional methods. 

EP-921® Results:

  • Typical results have been an 80% reduction of hazardous generation, an 82% reduction of paint equipment clean-up costs, a 97% reduction in VOC and HAP emissions, as well as a major improvement in worker health and safety.
  • EP-921® is the only compound utilized for paint operations cleanup that enjoys a toxicity clearance from the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine (CHPPM) 1 December, 1998.


Inland Technology offers a complete line of specially designed Paint Equipment cleaning equipment that has proven to be effective in reducing the recurring costs, hazardous waste generation, and creating a safer work environment.