Qatar Airways

Case Study Type: Aircraft Washing

Target Solvent: Old style aircraft washing compounds


Because of the serious concerns regarding the potential for hydrogen embrittlement and other corrosion issues associated with old style washing materials, prudence required the masking of aircraft landing gear prior to washing the aircraft. This protective masking process required many man hours to accomplish and resulted in considerable downtime that prevented the aircraft from earning revenue.

This very prestigious airline was concerned with maximizing the appearance of their aircraft and also concerned with minimizing the downtime associated with washing the aircraft.


Inland’s research scientists created a non-hazardous, non-VOC cleaning solution called Millennium® that passed the stringent corrosion tests and hydrogen embrittlement tests and eliminated the need for masking their landing gear during exterior cleaning.

The reduction of downtime during aircraft washing has significantly increased aircraft revenue opportunities and the increased dilution rate for Millennium® over old-style cleaners has reduced operating costs. 

Millennium® Results:

  • Millennium® passes stringent independent laboratory tests associated with Boeing’s new aircraft washing specification BAC 7091 and Boeing D6-17487-N.
  • Millennium® wins approval from Airbus Industrie for aircraft washing under SIL 20-010 and CML 11-001 external aircraft wash.