The Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Case Study Type: Partswashing

Target Solvent: Mineral Spirits


Weyerhaeuser was using an old style partswashing technology that involved the use of mineral spirits. This cleaning solvent was hazardous waste when disposed of and also contained Benzene, a known carcinogen. Monthly disposal of the spent partswasher solvent was generating huge amounts of hazardous waste from each site and was creating a major cost center for the client.


Inland’s research scientists created a nonhazardous cleaning solution called Breakthrough® that passes all hazardous waste tests, contains no Benzene, and cleans parts just as effectively as the old mineral spirits. In order to reduce costs of operation they created a micro filtration system for online closed loop reclamation that constantly removes the oils and greases that are dissolved into the Breakthrough® cleaning solution. 

Breakthrough® Results:

  • Weyerhaeuser’s beta test was operated for 2 ½ years at Weyerhaeuser’s log truck repair facility without changing out the original Breakthrough®. This reduces waste generation by 90% and reduced cost by 72%. 
  • Inland’s Breakthrough® Edge Tek™ parts washing system was tested and validated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • American Airlines wins Texas Governor’s Award for waste minimization and cost reduction by using Inland Technology’s Breakthrough® partswashing system.


The original Breakthrough®Edge Tek™ partswashing system has grown to a whole family of standard and special design partswashing systems like the self-recycling IT-30™ and IT-80™ that have demonstrably reduced the recurring costs, hazardous waste generation and the carbon emission footprint associated with the old style partswasher rental service.