Self-Recycling Partswasher-Weapons Cleaning System

This system reduces cleaning times by 75%. The attached EDGE TEK™ Filtration System extends solvent life for several years without change out, thereby reducing or eliminating the hazardous waste generated by weapons cleaning.

Benefits & Features

The Inland Technology IT-48WC™ Partswasher/Weapons Cleaning System is designed for high-volume usage.  It has a dual-system design, which allows a number of individuals to clean weapons or parts simultaneously.

The IT-48WC™ is equipped with the Inland Technology EDGE TEK™ Micro Filtration System, a unique element which filters down to .1 micron nominal.  When properly managed and used with one of Inland Technology’s family of Green, environmentally-compliant solvents, BREAKTHROUGH® and SKYSOL®, this system usually extends solvent life for several years.  

The IT-48WC™ has been designed as a remote reservoir partswasher.  It meets or exceeds most air-quality requirements for remote reservoir solvent cleaning.

  • Designed for use with BREAKTHROUGH® and SKYSOL®
  • EDGE TEK™  Micro Filtration
  • Adjustable Incandescent Light Assembly
  • Dual Flow-Thru Brush
  • Flex Nozzle with Brass Ball Valve
  • Dual Gas Spring Lid Assist with Fusible Link
  • 200 Micron Drain Screen x 4
  • Lowers Operating Costs
  • Reduces Waste
  • Extends use of Cleaning Solution

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Physical Specifications:

Flex Nozzle: 18” L

Inside Tub Dimensions: 48” L x 28” W x 10” 

Dual Flow-thru Brushes: 48" L

Pump System: 500 GPH Pump

Tub Thickness: 13 Gauge Steel

Drain Basket: 3 ¼“ Diameter

Solvent Capacity: 48 Gallons

Parts & Drain Baskets: Stainless Steel

4 Parts Baskets: 3 ¼“ Diameter

Remote Reservoir Dimensions: 48” L  x 28” W x 8” H

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Skysol® 100

NSN 4933-01-397-2539