Testimonials of Inland Technology's Customers

Due to our hard work and dedication to our customers, Inland Technology has received many testimonials about our products and services. Our products are designed to save our customers time and money while providing safe alternatives and replacing many chemicals that are highly regulated.

  By working in part with Inland Technology, Inc., American Airlines has significantly reduced their operating costs and cradle-to-grave liabilities. American Airlines have also been able to provide a safer work environment for employees and reduce their ge
- AMERICAN AIRLINES  click for details...
  By purchasing Inland Technology's IT-30™ Partswasher with Edge Tek™ Filtration(Patent Pending) to clean weapons, the City of Issaquah has been able to save time and money within their department.
- CITY OF ISSAQUAH  click for details...
  By using Inland Technology's Breakthrough®, Dresser Roots has been able to "break out of the tangle of regulations regarding emissions, disposal and industrial health hazards".
- DRESSER ROOTS  click for details...
  Inland Technology's weapons cleaning system has enabled soldiers to reduce the cleaning time necessary for riffles by up to 2/3 - all while eliminating the use of wire brushes and other items used to clean small arms.
  Armories aboard MCBH installed Inland Technology's Weapons Cleaning Systems using Breakthrough®, the non-toxic, non-OSHA listed substitute for PD-680, in 1998. The enhanced cleaning capabilities of Breakthrough®, paired with the mul
- MARINE CORP BASE HAWAII  click for details...
  Due to Metso Paper's use of Inland Technology's Edge Tek™ Filtration System and Breakthrough®, they were able to have a significant operation cost savings of $7,065.74 annually while reducing the generation of waste by 9,835.00 pounds per year.
- METSO PAPER  click for details...
  Naval Base Kitsap at Bangor, Washington, chose Inland Technology's IT-48WC™ Weapons Cleaning System to be used with Breakthrough® to replace traditional partswashers and manual cleaning via PD-680. By choosing to use cleaning solutions and poll
  Through the use of Inland Technology's products Breakthrough® and Lubratek™, the North Carolina Department of Corrections have found a quicker, better way to clean and protect their equipment against moisture and rust damage. Some of the shot
  Pollution prevention possibilities for small and medium-sized industries.
- RESULTS OF EPA TESTING  click for details...
  Todd Pacific Shipyard saves money and reduces VOC emissions and hazardous waste generation using Inland Technology's Breakthrough®/Edge Tek™ (Patent Pending) Partswashing System and its EP-921™/IT-3900™ Paint Equipment Cleaning System. The use
- TODD PACIFIC SHIPYARD  click for details...
  Due to the use of Inland Technology's products, the Washington Correction Center has been able to save considerable time, money, and effort while cleaning their weapons. This has allowed them to spend less time cleaning and more time training.
- WASHINGTON CORRECTION CENTER  click for details...

Our Latest News

Eversio ScannersFebruary 21, 2012
Inland Technology has been invited to speak at the Offshore Arabia 2012 conference held in Dubai, UAE. [more]
Eversio ScannersJune 02, 2011
U.S. Navy paint equipment cleanup using AV-OPS as a paint substitute for MEK for cleanup of the U.S. Navy's fast clad paint. [more]
Eversio ScannersMay 01, 2011
Iso PrepTM worked beautifully as a replacement of the hazardous solvents that were being used by a major oil field services company to clean thread lubricant from drill pipe. [more]
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