Posted on 02/01/2003

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has awarded American Airlines its 2005 governor's award for its outstanding efforts in environmental protection and pollution prevention at its Alliance base in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2003, the Alliance maintenance base converted from a common rental service partswashing program using mineral spirits to eighteen of Inland Technology's Breakthrough®/Edge Tek™ (Patent Pending) Partswashing/reclamation systems. This eliminated the use of hazardous mineral spirits in this process and reduced the hazardous waste being generated by over 20,000 pounds per year. Adopting this partswashing technology also resulted in a significant cost savings for American Airlines.

At the same time, the maintenance facility adopted Inland Technology's EP-921™, IT-200™, and Citra-Safe® for eliminating MEK and Lacquer Thinner in their aircraft painting operations. This move resulted in major reductions in hazardous waste, hazardous air emissions, costs, and reduction in chemical hazards for its employees.

Over the ensuing 2 years, the positive results achieved with these innovative technologies resulted in the client receiving this very prestigious award.


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