Posted on 01/01/2004

Flow Serve Corporation eliminates MEK, saves $45,000 annually, and wins EPA National Partnership for Environmental Priorities using Inland's technology for replacing the use of MEK and Lacquer Thinner in their painting operations.

Flow Serve is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pumps, vacuums, seals, and other equipment for the power, gas, oil, and chemical industries. In early 2004, Flow Serve's Chesapeake, VA, plant adopted Inland Technology's EP-921™, a non-VOC, non-HAP, non hazardous substitute for MEK and Lacquer Thinner as their solvent of choice for cleaning their painting equipment. They also instituted the use of Inland Technology's IT-3900™ Batch Micro Filtration Reclamation System to reclaim the used EP-921™.

According to the EPA, the use of this technology has resulted in the complete elimination of MEK, the massive reduction of VOC and HAP emissions, and a major reduction in the generation of hazardous waste from their painting process.

This new technology has a provided net cost savings of over $45,000 annually and a demonstrated payback rate of 1.4 years.


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