Finding a Solvent Substitute

You can replace regulated, toxic chemicals in your industrial applications with tested and certified replacements from Inland Technology. Inc.

Most of these products are non-toxic*, often biodegradable and already approved by Boeing, NASA, the Army, the Air Force and the Navy, among others. You can reduce operating costs & regulatory overhead by using Inland Technology, Inc. replacement solvents and other products. We can help you find just the right product. Fill out the following form for Solvent Substitution Diagnostic for Inland Technology P2 Solutions.

The following diagnostic protocol is designed to aid in deriving the necessary data from your industrial solvent usage process.

Company / Installation*
Location of Usage
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Phone Number*
Email Address*
What is the solvent being substituted?
Why is this particular solvent being used for this process?
What is the motivation for this substitution?
What is the process the solvent is being used in? Manual wipe, vapor degreaser, ultra sound, etc.?
What is the substrate?
What are the contaminants that are being removed?
What is their origin?
What are the follow-on processes?
Do they require this cleaning step?
How clean do you need the surface to be for the follow-on process?
Are there any contra-indications? (i.e. sulfur with aluminum at high temperatures)
Have you tried anything else as a substitute? What? What were the reasons for its non-acceptance?

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